If kAui [Kuh-why] means “Keeper of God’s Earth,” then the earth was meant to flow with music infused with the stream and beats of hip-hop, soul, RnB, and infinitely more. The artist, kAui, was meant to be the keeper of that flow. Says up and coming kAui, “All music is R&B. All is rhythm and blues.” The Queens, New York native is a third generation singer/songwriter/music producer, whose musical pedigree spans RnB, soul, hip-hop, rock, and alternative. kAui had the fortunate opportunity to be signed and mentored as a producer by the legendary Timbaland early in his career. He has since lent his writing and producing talents to the likes of Ryan Leslie, FOX’s Empire, Latasha Alcindor, Mickey Shiloh, Audio Push, Bryson Tiller, Sevyn Streeter, and many more. Currently, he produced the first single and chart-climbing smash "Woosah" of the rising star, Mike Classic. With his passionate voice, raw silk expression, and unbound potential, kAui shows the maturity his contemporaries have yet to attain. This singer/songwriter/producer stands on his own and shows a lot of potential to have a long promising career.