Producer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist (bass, piano, drums, guitar, percussion) 


Grammy nominated producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Brody Brown approaches music like a team sport. However, he can play every position, switching seamlessly from drums and bass to piano and guitar. That versatility made him an MVP while producing and co-writing songs such as Bruno Mars’ “Grenade,” CeeLo Green’s “Fuck You” and Adele’s “All I Ask.” 


“I look at myself as a role player,” he explains. “I can do whatever the song requires. If you compare it to basketball, I can play center, point guard, and forward all at once—or one at a time. That’s what I love to do.” 


Brody adopted that adaptability early on. Growing up in Compton, CA, he fell in love with music by listening to his mother’s Earth, Wind, & Fire and Diana Krall records and then transforming the family television into a makeshift drum set. 


“I left ink marks all over it, trying to use pens as drum sticks,” he laughs. “When I did actually get drums, it wasn’t enough though. I needed to learn more instruments, because I wanted to express myself in every way I could.” 


He taught himself to play keyboard by ear and then picked up the bass guitar. R&B star Bobby V. invited a 14-year-old Brody to play bass on tour. At that point, he joined what would become the band and all-star production team 1500 or Nothin’. He quickly solidified himself as a go-to player, eventually touring with Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, T.I., and Katharine McPhee and even recording with The Underdogs and Ray Parker, Jr. on the soundtrack for Shrek The Third. 


He openly admits music gave him a refuge from another possible future. 


“Where I grew up, it’s too easy to become a statistic and end up dead or in jail,” he sighs. “Early on, I knew I had to make choice as far as planning my life and who and what I wanted to be. It wasn’t to be a doctor, lawyer, or fireman; I did what came naturally to me.” 


Tirelessly performing and writing, he signed his first publishing deal with the legendary Steve Lindsey at the age of 17. Lindsey would go on to introduce him to Bruno Mars in 2009. Soon after, Brody co-wrote the Grammy Award-nominated six-times platinum “Grenade” and went on the road as Bruno’s music director—in addition to handling bass and keys. 


Constantly working in the studio, Brody’s transition from touring musician to in-demand songwriter and producer was solidified and he went on to co-write Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa’s “Young, Wild, & Free” [feat. Bruno Mars], Mark Ronson’s “Feel Right” [feat. Mystikal], Young Thug’s “Pacifier,” and more. In 2015, Adele heard him “play the piano like an angel,” as she puts it, and he co-wrote and co-produced “All I Ask” from her 25 album. 


“That was incredible,” he smiles. “I try to learn about every genre and style I can. I love Dr. Dre as much as I love Queen, and I want to be able to bring that to as many artists as possible.” 


In between a production and writing slate that includes Alicia Keys, Young Jeezy, Casey Veggies, Lukas Graham and more work with Bruno, Brody will introduce his Groovy Maniacs solo debut in 2016. Reflecting his expansive musical palette and utilizing not only his voice but various favorite singers, it redefines funky. 


“This record pays homage to the people I love to listen to, but it shows how we get down these days,” he exclaims. “I’m a huge fan of the seventies, eighties, and early nineties, and I’m putting everything into a bowl and stirring it up. This is what I came up with.” 


Ultimately, no matter what he’s doing, Brody’s goal remains the same. “I want to convey a real emotion,” he leaves off. “That’s what it’s about. It can make you cry or get up and dance. That’s what a hit does.”